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Terms of Use

1. WLAN access via GER-WLAN will take place unencrypted. INKA e.V. shall not assume any liability for the data transmitted via its facilities.

2. For use of GER-sWLAN, a valid user account (user name / password) given by INKA e.V. is required.

3. Access Credentials may only be used by the user personally. Use by other persons or transmission of access data shall not be permitted.

4. To ensure proper use of the WLAN access, your registration (date, time, MAC address of the WLAN adapter) will be documented and stored in accordance with the legislation. The data shall be collected, processed, and used for the purpose specified exclusively and in accordance with the data protection regulations. Data shall not be transmitted to third parties.

5. Any misuse of the WLAN access shall not be permitted. It is referred to the applicable protection provisions contained in the Penal Code, criminal law as well as in the copyright, youth protection, and data protection legislation.

6. Misuse shall also cover, but not be limited to the following situations:

  • Unauthorized access to programs and data, i.e. unauthorized access to information and resources of other users or third parties as a result of their lacking agreement.
  • Destruction of data and programs, i.e. corruption and/or destruction of information of other users or third parties, in particular by “infection” with computer viruses.
  • Network interference, i.e. interference with network operation or obstruction of other users of the network, e.g. by attempts to crack passwords and/or unjustified massive straining of the network to the disadvantage of other users or third parties.

7. INKA e.V. shall not be responsible for the consequences of activities of users on the internet, e.g. financial obligations as a result of orders or the use of services available for a fee. In addition, INKA e.V. shall not assume any guarantee for permanent WLAN access.

8. The conditions of use ( of INKA e.V. applicable to cost-free wireless services shall be valid.